An undergraduate minor in mathematics is offered to students who wish to supplement their preparation in a major discipline with a substantial amount of coursework in mathematics. 

The minor in mathematics is especially appropriate for students who would like to develop additional quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills. Depending on the student's major, a minor in mathematics will generally enhance the individual's prospects for employment and for graduate or professional study.

Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Minor

Students must meet all university requirements for a minor, including completion of at least one-half the required courses at Governors State. Students pursuing a minor in Mathematics at Governors State should not take MATH-2281 as part of the calculus requirement. A full Calculus I (MATH-2290) and Calculus II (MATH-2292) sequence is needed to meet the calculus requirement for the minor.

Students planning to complete a minor in Mathematics must meet with the advisor in the Science Division to develop a study plan for the minor. As part of this process, students must submit transfer courses for approval. A copy of the study plan must be included with the request for graduation.

Required Courses (14 Hours)

The following courses can be taken at either the lower-division or upper-division level:


Other upper-division level mathematics courses may be accepted in this category at the discretion of the advisor for the minor.

Advisor Information

Novalla Coleman
Academic Advisor