An ordinary freshman year won't do.


You're ready 和 willing to take on ch所有enges 和 change the world. In your first two years, you'll fulfill 通识教育要求 在全日制,日间班. Here, we have seven First Year Focus Areas! 选择艺术 & Entertainment, Business, Discovery, Education, Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences or STEM areas. You’ll find yourself in classes with others pursuing similar personal 和 academic goals during your first 和 second years of college. Each focus 所有ows you to customize your First Year Experience to your career path. 

Your freshman year at 十大电子游艺注册立大学 is no ordinary first year of college. It is designed to give you a foundation on which to build during your college career 和 for life after GSU. As part of a ch所有enging academic community, you’ll learn strategies 和 skills to become a critical thinker. You’ll become confident in your abilities as a student 和 as a member of a diverse community. You'll explore majors 和 programs through your sophomore year which provides you with a solid foundation of values-based learning...preparing you for a world that changes almost daily. You deserve the best starting point for your successful university career: GSU welcomes you. To schedule a virtual pre-admission appointment, please do so via this link: http://apply.homeminimalist.net/portal/virtualappointments


The freshman experience at GSU is like no other. 点击这里阅读 about our unique 和 rewarding 大一新生 program!


  • 通过创建一个 在线账户.
  • 提交你的 应用程序,费用官方成绩单
  • Submission of official ACT or SAT scores is 可选 
  • 任何 可选 supplemental materials (AP scores, letters of recommendation, resume, personal statement, etc.) can be uploaded to support your application. 


  • Official high school transcript or GED
  • 必须至少有2个吗.0 unweighted high school GPA on a 4.0规模 
  • Submission of official ACT or SAT scores is 可选. Test scores will only be considered if they are helpful to the student. 
  • Earned fewer than 24 semester hours of college credit to start GSU as a freshman

Information on university admission policies can be found by visiting the following link http://www.homeminimalist.net/policies

    • 申请费


      T在这里 is a $25 nonrefundable application fee. Students who meet low-income guidelines may submit an Undergraduate Application Fee Waiver Request Form 并以电子方式发送给 admission@homeminimalist.net.

    • 官方成绩单


      所有申请者 are required to submit official high school transcripts to 十大电子游艺注册立大学. Students with college credits are also required to submit 官方成绩单 from 所有 colleges previously attended.

      国际申请者 are required to have their 官方成绩单 evaluated by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation 服务 (南汽).

      School officials may send official documentation in one of two ways:

      U.S. 邮件:


      Remember: Your application is not complete until official transcript(s) from 所有 of your previously attended institutions have been received.


      Please note that 所有 documents submitted to 十大电子游艺注册立大学 for admission purposes become the property of the university. Documents will not be released to students nor will they be forwarded to other educational institutions or agencies.
    • 官方ACT或SAT成绩


      Submission of official ACT or SAT scores to 十大电子游艺注册立大学 is 可选 for admission. If you would like to have your test scores considered for admission, request your ACT Score report using GSU's ACT School Code (1028). Request your SAT score report using GSU's SAT School Code (0807). Send official scores via email, admission@homeminimalist.net, or mail to 十大电子游艺注册立大学, 大学公园路1号, 十大电子游艺注册办公室, 伊利诺伊州大学公园 60484.

    • 最后期限

      入学保证金到期Extended to June 1 or until space is no longer available in the 大一新生 class.
    • 录取的决定


      Once 所有 required admission documents have been received, your application will be processed.

      Students who have applied by the early decision deadline of November 1 will be notified by 12月1日 of their admission decision. Completed applications received after November 1 will be reviewed on a rolling basis, 和 students should expect an admission decision within 3-5 business days. You will be notified of your decision by way of letter or email from the Office of Admission.

      Please be sure to read your letter of admission carefully. It will include important information about next steps at 十大电子游艺注册立大学.

      Contact the Office of 十大电子游艺注册 by email at admission@homeminimalist.net 或者打电话708.534.4490有问题.

    • GSU 和 Prairie State College Nursing Pathway Program


      This blended degree program offers 所有 the benefits of earning both Associate 和 Bachelor's Degrees in Nursing without the mystery of having to navigate course or transfer requirements between programs at different schools. 点击这里 了解更多信息.

    • 荣誉学院


      The 荣誉学院 curriculum provides high achieving students with ch所有enging, experiential learning opportunities in 和 out of the classroom. 点击 在这里 了解更多.