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Online learners take the classroom with them to discover concepts, delve into content, and determine conclusion whenever and wherever they have the time and opportunity. GovState recognizes the need for flexible learning and has developed online degree programs and course offerings to meet the growing demand for choice in how education is delivered and received.

Governors State University offers fully online degrees at the Certificate, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level. These degrees offer variety and flexibility, allowing you to continue with your life and career as you continue with your education.

GovState Online and Hybrid Courses

To help you meet your educational goals in a format that fits your needs, schedule, and timeline, GovState offers online and hybrid courses in almost every program area and field of study. These options give you the flexibility to take a course you need when you need it – even if the demands of life, family, and career make attending an on-campus class impossible. Don't interrupt your education or derail you path to a degree. At GovState, you have options in the more than 200 online and more than 62 hybrid courses we offer.

Online & Hybrid Courses

Online & Hybrid Courses

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