我们生活在一个复杂多变的世界. 研究过去有助于我们理解这种复杂性是如何演变的, 为什么有些模式会改变,而另一些模式会保持不变, 以及我们是如何走到今天这个历史时刻的.

历史不仅指过去的生活经历, 还有那些讲述这些经历的故事. Current debates about which stories should be told and how history should be taught demonstrate history’s importance to our understanding of ourselves as individuals, 作为公民, as a nation—and of what is at stake in interpretations of the past and decisions on which groups to include in those stories. Democratic societies need to critically examine the historical record. 更复杂的, 包容, historically accurate portrayals of the past can help us better understand the 现在, which is essential to addressing current issues that have historical roots.

A 十大电子游艺注册立大学历史文学学士学位 帮助学生发展识别的技能, 收集, analyze historical evidence and to engage in interpretive debates on the meanings and significance of those sources. 要做到这一点, 学生不仅要培养批判性的研究和分析能力, but also empathy to better understand the experiences of people who lived in unfamiliar places, 次, 和环境. Students also learn to make persuasive arguments and meet evidentiary standards. They “do history” by constructing stories about the past in their research projects.

历史 students select one track on which to concentrate: United States 历史 or Global 历史. 大四的时候, students complete a two-semester capstone project consisting of an internship or thesis, which prepares them for 职业生涯s that require critical research and writing skills and/or graduate-level study.


我们的世界随着时间而变化. The study of history is important for documenting the past and better understanding the 现在.



  • 日记
  • 法令

Even mundane items such as inventory and trade agreements can tell us about ancient life. 理解过去需要背景,而文献提供了这一点.

Perhaps even more important than gathering and reading documents is analyzing them. 历史学家必须能够调查文件的细节, 然后利用这些信息重建过去的世界.


历史还讲述了揭示社会如何运作的故事. 我们需要考虑的一个问题是谁的故事应该被讲述. 在过去, 历史被粉饰,并集中在西方的影响上, ignoring the millions of people who not only lived but contributed to science, 政治, 艺术, 和医学. 通过攻读历史文学学士学位, you have the opportunity to uncover these forgotten stories and share them with the world.


每个人都渴望归属感. 对于许多, 这意味着与种族的紧密联系, 国家, 家庭, 或者当地历史, 促进群体认同. Understanding our roots has been important since human beings first began thinking about the past, 现在, 和未来的, 而且现在可能比以往任何时候都更加重要.

然而,并不是每个人都有历史可以联系. Many groups had their history and group identity severed through imperialism, 奴隶制, 以及其他暴行. Historical research has the power to connect groups with their ancestors and precursors.


历史知识造就了更负责任的公民. To make the best decisions for the future, we 作为公民 need to understand the past. 许多事实都被歪曲了, 埋葬是为了避免与不公正斗争, 或者是为了推进某个特定的议程. 历史学家s seek to look at the past with an objective eye while recognizing the humanity that drove it.

This balance of objectivity and empathy is crucial to avoiding the mistakes of history. 通过选择深入研究过去,获得历史学士学位, you’re providing citizens with the knowledge they need to make tomorrow better.


作为历史专业的毕业生, 你的培训为你开辟了多种职业道路, 包括文物管理和博物馆策展, 在许多其他方面. Some history majors pursue graduate studies in history and other fields, 比如法律, 公共管理, political science or certification to teach history or social studies in high schools.


Being an academic historian or teaching history are not the only jobs possible for 历史 majors. Because of the research, analytical, writing skills necessary to earn a 历史 B.A., 历史专业的雇主不仅包括学校, 但是研究中心, 库, 博物馆, various agencies and companies needing researchers or historical consultants, 比如电影制作人. Some history majors work as speechwriters or researchers for legislators and other elected officials.


给n the variety of employment opportunities available for 历史 majors, compensation varies. 尽管人们有一种误解,认为历史学家的薪水过低,但在美国.S.在美国,平均年薪超过83,000美元. Some positions come with health insurance, flexible hours, other benefits.

那么谁会雇佣历史学家呢?? U.S. 联邦机构排在最前面:

  • 内政部
  • 海军部
  • 国土安全部
  • 国防部
  • 国务院
  • 私营部门的机会包括研究中心, 非营利组织, other organizations interested in preserving or disseminating history.

当然, 你也可以在私营部门的研究中心工作, 非营利组织, 以及其他对保护历史感兴趣的组织.


谁决定博物馆的展品是什么? 答案是策展人.

Any museum or traveling exhibit you’ve ever visited contained 艺术ifacts 收集ed by curators. 它们管理、显示和编目具有历史价值的项目. 在美国.S.在美国,策展人的平均收入为 $53,000 一年并经常享受以下福利:

  • 带薪病假
  • 员工健身房
  • 弹性支出帐户


档案管理员s are wizards with information; not only do they determine the origin of documents, but they’re also responsible for maintaining databases containing that info. They may be tasked with handling aging documents and their appraisal. 平均来说,他们赚了 $51,000 一年.


十大电子游艺注册立大学 is proud to offer students a well-rounded education and many opportunities to pursue academic, 职业生涯, 个人成长. We’re dedicated to making higher education accessible, no matter your background or goals. 另外, 我们与芝加哥有着千丝万缕的联系, IL, community and provide many avenues to actively p艺术icipate in local initiatives.


并不是每个人都适合名牌大学. Many people prefer the smaller size of private institutions but can’t afford the high cost. 十大电子游艺注册立大学 provides the private college experience for the price of public tuition. 另外, 学生们享受上公立大学的许多好处, 包括多样化的人口, 大量的学生活动和组织, 以及强大的学生服务.


Chicago, IL, is a thriving city — it’s a bastion of innovative 艺术, theater, food, music. For aspiring historians, it’s also filled with historical sites and 博物馆. It’s widely diverse but not as populated as New York or Los Angeles, allowing newcomers to easily find their place within its windy neighborhoods and gorgeous waterfronts.

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