"Leadership 和 learning are indispensable to each other.——约翰·F. 肯尼迪


Leadership development is an essential student learning outcome of a comprehensive student experience at 十大电子游艺注册立大学. 学生事务 educators at Governors State aspire to contribute to the mission of the University by challenging 和 inspiring students to be responsible citizens 和 leaders on-campus 和 in their communities. Among the formal 项目 supporting our focus on leadership development include: the Certified Executive Officer (CEO) Leadership Program, 新兴领袖计划 for first-year students 和 the Student Leadership Institute for upper-class students.


Student leaders are encouraged to preview the full line of CEO Leadership program workshops 在这里.

  • CEO Leadership Certificate Program




    CEO Leadership Certificate Program


    的 Certified Executive Officer (CEO) Leadership Certificate Program is designed to provide student leaders of clubs 和 organizations with effective 和 essential leadership skills. Students will have the opportunity to develop 和 enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes comprehension of leadership theory 和 application. 的 CEO program develops leadership potential 和 self-efficacy in preparing today’s students to lead.  Student leaders will also explore leadership trends to foster learning 和 personal development through exploration of theories 和 practices. 

    合格的参与者: Current GSU student organization executive board members

    联系人:  蒙哥马利Proffit
                     Club 和 Student Organizations Specialist
                     mproffit@govstedu  - 708.235.7454



    • 新兴领袖计划


        新兴领袖计划 Participants-Spring, 2017



      的 新兴领袖计划 (ELP) immerses lower division students (freshmen 和 sophomores) in a process of personal development that lays the foundation for the exploration of leadership. ELP helps students answer the question "What type of leader do I want to be?" This is an experiential program w在这里in students participate in highly interactive workshops, 活动, 和讨论.

      合格的参与者: GSU students in their first or sophomore year of undergraduate studies
      联系人: 刘易斯的规则



    • 捷豹L.E.A.D. 顶石


      捷豹L.E.A.D. 顶石



      GSU students who have participated in at least two previous GSU leadership 项目 are invited to complete a ‘捷豹L.E.A.D.的顶点 项目. L.E.A.D. 代表 Leadership E的经验 A应用于 和 Demonstrated because participants’ 项目s will 演示 他们如何 应用 concepts they have learned from previous GSU leadership 项目. Each participant will be paired a faculty/工作人员 consultant who will help guide the 项目 implementation. 捷豹L.E.A.D. 将允许学生 synthesize 和 apply what they have learned in a real-world setting. 大多数 importantly, they will be able to make a positive impact on GSU 和 beyond!

       合格的参与者: GSU students who have successfully completed at least two GSU leadership development 项目

      联系人:Dr. 科尼亚雪橇
                      Executive Director, 学生参与 & 跨文化项目





    • Student Governance Opportunities


      任职于 学生参议院, you represent 和 promote GSU students' concerns 和 interests regarding governance issues to the administration, 工作人员, 和老师.

      作为一名当选人 Illinois Board of Higher Education Student Representative, you’ll represent GSU as a voting member on the IBHE student advisory board.

      Board of Trustee Student Representative is elected by the GSU student population as a voting member of the 十大电子游艺注册立大学 Board of Trustees.

      Student Activities Council (SAC): Students work in conjunction with Student Life to create campus 项目 that are timely 和 meaningful to students.SAC创建学生活动, 促进校园参与, celebrates diversity as it represents the student voice in programming. 通过这个过程, students receive valuable leadership skills that enrich their abilities as they enter the workplace.

      Kaleidoscope (formerly Community Service Council): Student work in collaboration with 公民参与 & Intercultural Education to create opportunities that will increase involvement 和 promote the awareness of civic engagement initiatives among students. Members of Kaleidoscope create, 计划, 和 participate in civic engagement events, as well as provide assistance with programming events 和 workshops.

      For information about student governance opportunities contact:
      CSEIP at 708-235-7362