We are happy you’ve joined the 十大电子游艺注册立大学 learning community. You and all your fellow students make us what we are – a diverse, lively, friendly place. We take pride in all we do to maintain a true sense of community on our campus.

Know your student 权利 and responsibilities at GovState!

 As members of the 十大电子游艺注册立大学 community, 重要的是,我们都知道对彼此的期望,以及我们如何使我们共同的价值观每天都栩栩如生. Our mission is not a static 状态ment – it is what we live by. Any well-functioning community must have a set of values; this Handbook is meant to serve as a guide not only for our students, 对教职工来说也是如此, 工作人员, and administrators to ensure that all members of our community, 了解政策, 程序, 权利, 和特权. 

我们的学生行为准则, along with other university policies, 会给你明确的指导,告诉你可以从GovState的教职员工那里得到什么,以及我们对你的期望是什么. 的 Student Handbook also contains helpful information, 指南, and directories that will make navigation of campus life easier.

If you have 问题 after reading through this Handbook, please do not hesitate to contact the 学生主任办公室.

We wish you the best this academic year. And remember, we are here to help you succeed.

Mr. Mushtaq Choudhary, Dean of Students

《十大电子游艺注册》在网上发布,并与许多电子阅读器和其他辅助设备兼容. adobeacrobat电子书阅读器 is available to download for free. 

的 following excerpts of select policies and 程序 are available below; however, full and official information is available in the Student Handbook. Questions about any policies or 程序 can be directed to the 学生主任办公室.

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


    十大电子游艺注册立大学 complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992, 修订的, and with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as well as other federal and 状态 legislation.

    这项立法适用于选择参加高等教育机构的学生必须获得的机会. 在艾达, 追求高等教育的学生有责任为他们的特殊需求记录和要求住宿. Students are responsible for identifying themselves as students who have a disability. 学生必须向学校提供有关其残疾和推荐住宿的适当文件.

    For more information and/or to arrange for appropriate accommodations, please contact Access 服务 for Students with Disabilities. 

  • 年度保安报告 (Clery Report)


    1990年的《十大电子游艺注册》(也被称为《十大电子游艺注册》)是一项联邦授权,要求向所有在校学生和员工提供有关校园安全政策和程序的信息, the reporting of criminal action or other emergencies, and the enforcement authority of security personnel. 的 Department of Public Safety publishes the 年度保安报告 在线.

  • Areas of Free Expression, Demonstration, & 抗议


    Demonstration and Public 抗议 Policy (Policy 79) 声明十大电子游艺注册立大学提供必要的资源,以支持行使第一修正案规定的宪法权利. 该政策旨在保障与计划或自发的示威或抗议行为有关的所有人员和财产的安全. 政策79列出了与示威和公众抗议有关的限制的更多信息.

    注册的演示5 .我们鼓励示威和公众抗议活动的组织者至少提前2个工作日通过电子邮件向 大学事件 office and following the office's instructions.

    Non-registered or Spontaneous Demonstrations: “政府一站通”欢迎无须事先登记的示威和公众抗议活动,只要所有参与者遵守政策的所有其他条款. 如果示威活动涉及更多人,我们鼓励组织者和参与者选择以下地点之一进行活动, the group may be limited to the following locations:

    • 的 Columbus Carillon Area (Bell Tower), 紧邻大学正门南侧(D楼),位于东1号停车场和西1号停车场之间.
    • GovState Main Entrance (D Building) sidewalk, at least 25 feet from the doorway, from the eastern limit of D Building to the eastern limit of C Building.
    • GMT Building, outside sidewalk between roadway/parking Lot West 2 and GMT main entrance
    • D-Building Atrium (between main entrance and the Hall of Governors entrance)

  • 投诉 & 不满


    GovState is committed to addressing comments, 问题, and concerns related to students' experiences. 学生可申请 抱怨或委屈 should they wish to provide feedback or resolve an issue at the university.

  • 校园公告栏张贴


    事先获得 Center for 学生参与 and Intercultural 项目 是否需要在学生参与和跨文化项目中心的公告板上张贴材料. 张贴的材料必须放在学生参与和跨文化项目中心(A2100)进行审查.

  • 秘密携带枪支


    的 秘密携带枪支 policy was developed in response to the Illinois Firearms 秘密携带枪支 Act, 43 ILCS第66条[“法案”]. 该法案禁止任何人故意携带枪支进入高等教育机构拥有或控制的财产.

    For more detailed information, please see the GovState隐蔽携带政策.

  • 好撒玛利亚人/大赦实践


    的 health and safety of every student is important to GovState. 学生院长办公室认识到,潜在的行为行为可能会阻止学生为同学或自己寻求医疗援助. 作为一所大学, 我们支持并鼓励所有学生在遇到医疗紧急情况和/或看到其他人有需要时伸出援助之手. Through the Good Samaritan/Amnesty practice, 学生被鼓励成为积极的旁观者,对潜在的危险情况(如酒精或药物中毒)做出反应,而不必担心大学的后果. For medical assistance, contact the 公共安全部(DPS) at 708.534.4900或拨打911.

  • Mental Health Contact Information Disclosure


    2016年1月, 伊利诺斯州颁布了一项新的法律(公共法案099-0278),允许学生有机会授权一个人在精神健康紧急情况下联系. 这个人可能是你在大学注册时提供的紧急联系人之外的人. 如果你经历了精神健康危机,你决定对自己或他人构成明显的危险,就会使用这个精神健康紧急联系人.

    有关您有权指定精神卫生紧急联络人的更多信息,可通过 咨询中心. 

  • 家长/监护人通知


    GovState is committed to providing a safe campus environment that enhances student 学习与发展. 学校承认父母和家庭在支持和促进学生在大学取得成功方面的重要作用.

    根据联邦法律, GovState may notify a student’s parents of the student’s violation of federal, 状态, 或者当地法律, or of any rule or policy of the University regarding the use or possession of alcohol or a controlled 物质, 如果该学生在收到通知时未满21岁,并且GovState确定该学生违反了大学政策.

  • Reasonable Accomodations of Religious Observances


    十大电子游艺注册立大学不会歧视过宗教节日的学生,并将在录取方面合理地照顾个别学生的宗教仪式, 上课, as well as the scheduling of examinations and academic work requirements.

    完整的政策详情见 Reasonable Accommodation for Students' Religious Observances (Policy 38).

  • 性行为不端(第九章)


    If you experience sexual misconduct or know someone who has, we encourage you to report it so that we can help create a university community free of any such conduct. Sexual misconduct can include sexual harassment, 性侵犯, 跟踪, 约会/家庭暴力, 或者其他性暴力.

    Information about the 性行为不端(第九章) policy and 程序 is available on the 第九条网站.

  • 无烟/无烟校园


    In accordance with (110 ILCS 64/) the Smoke-Free Campus Act, 7月1日起, 2015, 十大电子游艺注册立大学禁止在校园内外吸烟和使用烟草制品, including parking lots and in parked cars. 禁止在校园内乱扔烟草制品或其他相关废物.

    For more information please review the 全州禁烟政策.

  • 学生运动员手册


    Student Athletes can review information about the athletic program, 包括学术, 行为, and compliance requirements in the 学生运动员手册.

  • 学生隐私(FERPA)


    《十大电子游艺注册》(FERPA)是一部联邦法律,旨在保护大学维护的学生信息的隐私. FERPA处理您的学生教育记录的发布,并为您提供有关您的教育记录的某些权利.

    十大电子游艺注册FERPA的问题, including waivers to share information with parents/families, 应该直接到 注册商.

  • 大学宿舍手册


    大学的宿舍 publishes a 住房 Handbook with information about key policies, 宿舍保安功能, and other important housing information about living on campus.